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Plastic injection molding

Suitable injection molding for plating process

Suitable injection molding for plating process
With plating, next process in mind, carefully identifying suitable molding parameter is essential.
Scheduling periodic mold maintenance is also crucial control to keep molded product quality constant.

Molding process flow

Drying Material Hook up Mold Set  molding parameter Molding Inspection
Painting /Printing

Firm production system

Our 24 hours production conform to customer demands.
Injection molding machines are available up to 800 ton and choice of material for production are customers'.

Urgent mold repair and a maintenance

Though scheduled mold maintenances are in place, urgent repair & maintenance are being flexibly organized.

Our products (injection molding)

Plastic molding products

Plastic molding products
Kyowa Takasaki 1st Factory

Kyowa Takasaki 1st Factory
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Products & Services:
Chromium Plating, Satin Plating,TriChromium Plating(Black & White),White Sapphire Plating, Plastic injection molding .

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