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Capabilities & Bases

Capabilities in our group world wide

We strive to cater to your specific business requirements from concept to final product in Kyowa group world wide. Please check the chart below.

Head Office & Takasaki 1st Factory

Takasaki 2nd Factory

Kyowa Singapore

KYOTECH Malaysia

Kyowa Dongguan China Office

Chromium plating included   included   included
Satin plating included   included   included
Plating on Polycarbonate included        
Mold design   included   included included
Mold manufacturing   included   included included
Plastic injection molding included     included included
Process (Coating & Silk) included included   included included
Chem-film   included     included
Mechanical processing   included     included
Aluminum die casting   included     included
Zinc alloy die casting   included     included
Press         included
Kyowa Takasaki 1st Factory

Kyowa Takasaki 1st Factory
Address:588 oyagi-machi Takasaki city Gunma Prefecture Japan


Products & Services:
Chromium Plating, Satin Plating,TriChromium Plating(Black & White),White Sapphire Plating, Plastic injection molding .

Kyowa Takasaki 1st Factory Sales Dpt. Mr. Shindou
Message from Sales Dept.
Thanks for being interest in our company, we do our best for meeting your needs.

tel: (027)361-6952㈹


Kyowa Takasaki 2nd Factory
Address:949 oyagi-machi Takasaki city Gunma Prefecture Japan


Products & Services:
We offer Mold design and making,Diecasting, Processing, Component assembly for all size businesses.

Kyowa Takasaki 2nd Factory Sales Dpt. Mr. Oheda
Message from Sales Dept.
We receive mass production order, also for one piece prototype. Please let us to help you to work through your idea and to create a project plan to take the idea to market.

tel: (65)6863-2101


Kyowa Singapre Pte.,Ltd.
Address:21.BENOI ROAD SINGAPORE 629911


Products & Services:
Chrome Plating,Tri-Chrome Plating(Black & White),Pearl Bright Plating for plastic products.

Founded in 1979, providing various finishes that are cars, electrical appliances and cameras. We cooperate with Kyowa Malaysia by the integrated production system from mold design,manufacturing,plating to assembly with high lever quality assurance. Kyowa group has the expertise to assist with convert concepts to cost effective manufactured products

Kyowa Singapore     Mr.Stanley
Message from Sales Dept.
We have offered one more kind of plating color from 2009 for more various design parts. We can provide the support from the stage of mold design to the final with quality assurance cooperated with the kyowa group wide.

Kyowa Takasaki 1st Factory Sales Dpt. Mr. Ishimaru

tel: (60)7595-1283


Kyotech Malaysia Sdn.Bhd


Products & Services:
Mold design and making, Plastic injection molding, Plating on plastic(Kyowa Singapore),Visual inspection,Coating,Print,Assembly and Die casting selling.

Found in 1995,Kyotech Malaysia is one of Malaysia's leading plastic manufacturers committed to excellence in plastic injection molding, specializing in the design and manufacture of plastic molds and products for plating. We cooperate with Kyowa Singapore by the integrated production system from mold design,manufacturing,plating to assembly with quality assurance. The kyowa group has the expertise to assist with convert concepts to cost effective manufactured products

Kyotech Malaysia Mr.Stanley
Message from Sales Dept.
We offer plastic injection services from plastic mold design to coating, print and assembly with quality assurance and being confident of plastic for plating.We are expecting to serve you

Kyowa Takasaki 1st Factory Sales Dpt. Mr. Satou


Kyowa(HK) Co.,Ltd
Address:Suite C,6/F, Cameron Plaza, 23-25A Cameron Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon,

Kyowa co.,Ltd Dongguan Office
Address:Peninsula Commercial Center, No 93 Guangyuan Road, ShilongTown,Dongguan City,Guangdong, China 523320

1.Mold making (Plastic injection mold, Aluminum die-cast mold, Zinc alloy die-cast mold, Lost- wax casting mold,ect.)
2.Plastic injection molding and surface treatment.
3.Metal processing
4.Plating on plastics and metals.
( hex chromium plating,trichromium plating, satin plating,platiunum plating etc..)
5.Assembly and original equipment manufacturing.


A Company (in Token) B company (in Xinsheng) C company (in Xintejia)
A Company (in Token)
Zin・Al die casting, Mold design, making and Metals processing
  B company (in Xinsheng)
Plastic injection, Mold design, Manufacturing, Print and Coating
  C company (in Xintejia)
D company (in Language) E company (in Yanshuo)  
D company (in Language)
Plastic injection, mold design, Manufacturing, Coating and Assembly
  E company (in Yanshuo)
Plastic injection, Plating
(Kyowa holds 23.7% shares)

Contact Us

Kyowa HongCong Office  Mr. Kobayashi
TEL: (81)49-261-1237 FAX:(81)49-264-7653

Kyowa China Office  Mr. Kawasaki (Japanese & Chinese) Ms. DENG SHU TING(English speaker)
TEL:(86)769-8170-6320 FAX:(81)49-264-7653

Kyowa Kawagoe Japan Office  Mr. Kobayashi
TEL:(81)49-261-1237 FAX:(81)49-264-7653