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Privacy policy

Our company will use your personal information only for the purpose of replying to your inquiry. Our company will not disclose or provide your personal information to third parties. However, we may record you inquiry (is) as history in order to serve you better.

The inquiry about personal information

588 oyagi-machi Takasaki city Gunma Prefecture Japan


After requesting for quotation, how many days do we need?
If RFQ comes with drawing or sample, we will come back to you in 1-5days.
What type of plastic resin used for injection molding in your company?
"ABS","PC/ABS" and"PC" for plating finish. Various type of resin available for other type of finishes.
Will you accept personal request?
No personal request is accepted.
Do you have overseas operation?
Yes, we do. Please ask for details.
What size of a product can you do plating?
The size up to "860mm×230mm×100mm". Shape of product plays a part. Please provide us more information.
We have problem of treating parting line well. Do you have any good solution?
We have developed the process called "BLT (Burr Less Treatment). Please ask for details.
What Is the smallest possible lot size?
We will attend inquiry from 1piece.